Little Seeds Preschool

Sowing seeds, transforming lives

We sow seeds & transform lives through faith-based preschools.

How it all started

Many preschools coming together as Little Seeds.

This journey began in 2019, when many faith-based childcares were welcomed into our family of preschools at Anglican Preschool Services. Coming together as one, a new group identity was formed with the name, Little Seeds Preschool. 

This collective effort to band together was born out of a hope to enhance the quality of early childhood education based on Christian values with more resources, mutual support and a sharing of experiences and expertise. To date, we have 16 faith-based preschools all across Singapore.

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3 children wearings masks

“Our children are at the heart of what we do here, we honour and respect each one, recognising them as key contributors to society. In my visits to the centres, seeing children show me their new iron-on badges gave me a glimpse of how our community is embracing the brand. Our next steps include weaving elements of our rebranding story into our programme...”

Miss Cara Lee
Deputy Director of Early Childhood Development Centres,
Anglican Preschool Services.