We Are Rebranding.

& here is our story.

Thank you for your feedback on the uniform!

We are on a united journey together, and in the spirit of collaboration, we would like to share some survey findings with you.


We sow seeds & transform lives.

How it all started

Many preschools coming together as Little Seeds.

This journey began in 2019, when many faith-based childcares were welcomed into our family of preschools at Anglican Preschool Services. Coming together as one, a new group identity was formed with the name, Little Seeds Preschool. 

This collective effort to band together was born out of a hope to enhance the quality of early childhood education based on Christian values with more resources, mutual support and a sharing of experiences and expertise. To date, we have 13 preschools all across Singapore.

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A Timeline

What You Can Expect Along The Journey.

December 2021
Refreshed Facades

Like little seeds that sprout up in their own time, each centre’s façade will be refreshed one at a time, What will change? Parents will be able to see new signages and banners up on display.

You’ll notice that smaller details like namecards and your principal’s sign off in emails will be different too! The first in line for this update is Little Seeds Preschool (SJSM).

January 2022
Hybrid Uniforms

We will be giving every child who’s currently enrolled 2 complimentary iron on badges of the new logo! We strongly encourage parents to iron these on 2 sets of your current uniforms to ‘kick-start’ the journey with us!

March 2022
Vote For your Fav Designs!

Thank YOU for taking the time to share your opinions on the uniform with us. We’re excited to share with you what we eventually came up with based on all the feedback parents provided. Come and join us! Vote For your Fav Designs!

Early Q4 2022 [Updated 20 Aug 2022]
Surprise! Meet Our New Uniform Designs

Follow us as we bring this creation to life - from sampling, to fit!

Up Next
More updates to come

As part of being in the process, we will be updating our progress live with each milestone! So watch this space!

“Our children are at the heart of what we do here, we honour and respect each one, recognising them as key contributors to society. In my visits to the centres, seeing children show me their new iron-on badges gave me a glimpse of how our community is embracing the brand. Our next steps include weaving elements of our rebranding story into our programme...”

Miss Cara Lee
Deputy Director of Early Childhood Development Centres,
Anglican Preschool Services.

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Let’s figure this out together.

We are creating a new logo and brand image for Little Seeds Preschool to better reflect our brand identity, origin and journey.

Little Seeds Preschool was birthed in 2019 where different faith-based preschools banded together as Little Seeds Preschool.  Just like every child, each preschool that has joined us under this brand has their unique identity. Through this new way of branding, we are able to  celebrate their journey and encapsulate the richness of their heritage within the new direction, look and feel. 

The logo is in the shape of a seed. From within the seed, a tree grows into its full form. This symbolises growth and nurture which comes from the steadfast and secure environment of our preschools. Embodied in the centre is a cross, which is the heart of our ministry and the purpose of why we exist. 

For a start, we have gifted every enrolled child 2 complimentary iron-on badges of the new logo. We strongly encourage parents to iron these on 2 sets of your current uniforms to kick-start the rebranding journey with us!  


We will slowly and progressively replace the old branding and logo at our various schools. 

Yes, we will be changing the uniforms, but it will be a gradual process that takes place throughout 2022, from gathering feedback to designing and producing our first samples. Current uniforms can still be used until the end of 2023.


In fact, we will be inviting parents to participate in this journey by requesting your vote on your preferred uniform look! 

More information on the uniforms will be communicated in time to come. 

We strongly encourage you to bookmark our website www.littleseeds.edu.sg as we will be making regular updates herePlease stay tuned for more information!